1 cup Coconut Milk

1 cup Papaya, cut into cubes, frozen

2 tbsp coconut meat

1/4 tsp Ground Turmeric

2 dates or 3 tsp Agave/Maple syrup or Coconut Sugar



Combine all ingredients, and blend on high speed until smooth.

If mixture is too thick, add ice until you reach your desired consistency.

Pour into a glass, and top with coconut shavings, papayas, and coconut meat.





1 can of Chickpeas, chilled overnight with the chickpea water

1 cup of Almond Flour

1 Tomato, chopped

1/2 Garlic bulb, chopped

1 onion, chopped

2 tbsp Liquid Aminos or Soy Sauce

1 tbsp Nutritional Yeast

2 tbsp Olive Oil

1 tsp Ground Paprika

1 tsp Garlic Powder



Chill the can of chickpeas overnight, including the aquafaba (chickpea water).

Drain the chickpeas, and set aside 1 cup of aquafaba in a bowl.


Prepare the filling. In a bowl, add 1  cup of chickpeas, 3 tbsp liquid aminos, 1 tbsp olive oil, 1 tsp paprika, and 1 tsp garlic powder. Mash the chickpeas and mix everything together.

In a pan, cook the filling mixture for 10 to 15 minutes (or until most of the liquid evaporates). Make sure to stir the mixture occasionally as it cooks.

Set the cooked filling aside.


For the torta, Blend the aquafaba until foamy (about 5 minutes).

Gently fold in 1 cup of almond flour. Consistency should be similar to pancake batter.


In a pan, add 1 tbsp olive oil with onions. Add in the garlic and tomatoes, and sauté. Add the filling mixture. Mix, and spread it out evenly on the pan.

Pour in the torta batter on to the pan, covering the filling mixture.

Cook the torta until it bubbles on top. Flip to cook the other side, or cover the pan and cook for a few more minutes.


Top with your choice of herbs or greens. Serve with ketchup.






1 1/2 cups Oyster mushrooms


3/4 cup Sugar

1/4 cup Water

1/4 cup Pineapple juice

1/2 Garlic bulb, chopped

2 tbsp Salt

1 tbsp vinegar

1 tbsp Liquid Aminos or Soy Sauce

1 tbsp ground pepper

1/4 tsp Annatto powder



Blanch the oyster mushrooms in hot water, drain the excess liquid, and pat dry to remove as much water content as possible.


To make the tocino marinade, mix all ingredients, except for the mushrooms.

Whisk until the sugar is dissolved
Add the oyster mushroom in the marinade, and make sure each mushroom is coated with the marinade.

Put the mushrooms and marinade into a covered container, and refrigerate overnight, or up to 2 days.


To cook, place the mushroom tocino in a heated pan, and sear on each side.

Serve with rice.






350 grams firm Tofu, drained and pressed

5 cups Water

1 tablespoon + 1 tsp Salt

1 teaspoon Mustard Seeds

1 teaspoon Coriander Seeds

1 pc Bay Leaf

1/2 small Beet, blanched, and peeled

1 Onion, diced

2 tbsp Oil

2 Potatoes, finely diced

1/4 tsp Pepper



Make the corned tofu brine by adding the water, 1 tbsp salt, mustard seeds, coriander seeds, bay leaf, and beet. Boil for about 10 minutes.

Cut the tofu into cubes, and add into the pot.

Simmer for about 5 minutes. Turn heat off, and let it sit for about 30 minutes.

Once cooled, you can refrigerate the tofu until you are ready to cook.


To cook the corned tofu, drain the brine.

Heat up some oil in a pan, and cook the tofu, gently smashing it up, and consistently stirring it until the mixture dries up.

Remove from the pan, and set aside.


Over high heat, cook the diced potatoes in some oil.

Mix in the onion, and cook until translucent. Add salt and pepper.


Add the onions and potatoes to the corned tofu, and mix.


Serve in a sandwich or over rice.





1 Banana, sliced and frozen

1/2 cup blueberries, frozen

1/2 cup dragonfruit, diced and frozen

1 cup Nut Milk or juice

200 grams Acai Purée, frozen

Toppings like nuts, seeds, more fresh fruit, granola, or coconut



Slice or chop the fruits, and freeze.

Once frozen, place the fruit in a high speed blender. Add the rest of the ingredients, except for the toppings. Break up the acai into pieces.

Blend on low, and push the frozen fruit down to mix. Continue to blend on low until smooth.

Pour out the mixture, and assemble the smoothie bowls. Add toppings.

Serve, and enjoy immediately.





1/2 head of cauliflower

2 eggplants

1 cup chickpea flour

1/3 cup all-purpose flour

1 tbsp baking powder

1 cup water

1/2 tsp black salt





For the rice, Steam 1/2 head of cauliflower.

Cook until soft. Remove the cauliflower from the heat, and pat dry.

Chop finely into rice, or pulse chop in a food processor. Set aside.


Roast the eggplants. Remove from fire.

While eggplants are hot, carefully peel the skin off.

Lay the eggplants on a board or plate, and press the eggplant flat using a fork, starting from the center of the eggplant, moving to the sides.


To make the batter, mix the chickpea and all purpose flour with baking soda and salt. Then whisk in 1 cup water. Add water until you reach pancake batter consistency.


Heat up some oil in a pan.

Dip the eggplant in the batter, and fry on each side.


Serve the eggplant over the cauliflower rice, with a side of ketchup or spiced vinegar.







2 1/2 cups Bread Flour

3/4 cup Eden Soy Milk

1/3 cup Granulated Sugar

3 tbsp Vegan Butter

1 1/4 tsp Active Dry Yeast

1 tsp Salt

1/3 cup vegan breadcrumbs for toppings





Blend the breadcrumbs until you get a fine texture. Set aside.

Warm up the soy milk, then stir in the yeast. Remove from heat, and set the mixture aside for 10 minutes.

In a bowl, add the bread flour, salt, and sugar. Mix well. Add in the milk and yeast mixture.

Use a stand mixer and make the dough, and knead for 10 minutes, until the dough is springy.

Remove the dough, and form it into a round shape. Place the dough on a greased bowl and cover it with a damp cloth. Leave to rise for 1 hour.

When dough has doubled in size, punch the dough down. Divide the dough into even pieces, and shape each piece into a ball. Smoothen the top, and tuck the sides underneath.

Roll the top of the ball with breadcrumbs, then place on to a parchment-lined baking pan. Space the dough an inch apart.

Cover everything with a cloth, and leave for about 30 minutes to rise.

Pre-heat the over to 175 degree Celsius.

Remove the cloth, and bake for 25 minutes, or until golden brown.


Serve warm, and enjoy with a cup of coffee.





500 g Young Jackfruit / Langka

300 g Mushrooms (any type), minced

1 Onion, diced

4 Garlic cloves, minced

1 Red Bell Pepper, diced

4 Siling Labuyo (bird’s eye chili), sliced (option to remove seeds)

2 Long Green Chili, sliced (option to remove seeds)

1 tbsp Vegetarian Mushroom Oyster Sauce (optional)

1 tbsp Vegan Mayonnaise

2 tbsp Liquid Aminos or Soy Sauce

1 tbsp Calamansi Juice

1 tsp Sugar

Black Pepper, ground

2 tbsp water

Oil for cooking


Dredging Mix:

1 cup Rice flour

1/2 tsp Salt

Pinch of Pepper



Chop up the langka into blocks or sticks. Boil the langka until soft and cooked.

Press with a towel, and drain any excess liquid.

Dredge in the rice flour mixture, and deep fry.

Once cooked, drain excess oil from the langka, and then chop up into cubes or smaller pieces. Set aside.


In a large cooking pan, add 2 tbsp oil, and sauté the diced onion.  Add in garlic, pepper and chiles, and cook until tender. Add in the minced mushrooms.

Cook until tender, and then add the crispy langka.


Mix the sauce: 2 tbsp Liquid Aminos or Soy Sauce, 1 tbsp Calamansi Juice, 1 tsp Sugar

Ground Black Pepper. Pour the mixture into the pan. Add 2 tbsp of water if needed, Cook over medium heat for about a minute.


Add in a tbsp of vegan mayonnaise and mix in. Transfer onto a sizzling plate, and serve hot. Top with sliced avocado (for your omega 3!), and service with a side of calamansi, and extra siling labuyo.






2 ripe Saba Bananas

1 cup Flour

2 tbsp Sugar

1 tsp Baking Powder

2 tbsp Olive Oil

1 cup Eden Soy Milk

Pinch of Salt




In a mixing bowl, mash 1 banana (save the other banana for toppings).

Stir in the sugar, olive oil, soy milk, and salt.

Combine the flour and baking powder, and add it into the mixture. Mix well.


Heat up a greased pan or griddle.

Use a ladle and scoop out the pancake batter, and pour onto the pan.

Cook on one side until bubbly on top, then flip, and cook the other side.


Serve of a plate, and top with sliced bananas, and serve with your choice of syrup.





1 cup Adlai

5-7 cups of Water

4 cloves Garlic, chopped

1/2 Onion, chopped

1 knob of Ginger, chopped

Vegetable bullion

Salt & Pepper




Boil 1 cup of adlai in about 5 cups of water. Keep stirring the pot, and adding water as needed, until the adlai becomes soft. No need to let all the water evaporate, as this will be used in the soup.


In a soup pan, add some oil, and sauté the onion, ginger, and garlic.

Add the adlai with its water.

Drop in a vegetable bullion, add some salt and pepper, and add more water for the soup stock.


Serve with toppings or sides of crispy tofu, fried garlic, chopped spring onions, coriander leaves, chili flakes, calamansi, and/or, soy sauce.




Cashew Cheese:


3 cups Raw Cashews, soaked overnight, drained, and rinsed

1/4 cup Lemon Luice

1/4 cup Juice of Olives or Pickles

4 tbsp Olive Oil

2 tbsp Nutritional Yeast

2 Garlic cloves, minced

2 tsp Salt

Coconut Oil


Blend all ingredients in a high speed blender, or food processor until creamy.

Strain mixture over a cheesecloth. Then, with mixture packed in tightly, secure the cloth with an elastic band.

Let it drain overnight to ferment.

On the following day, open it up, add coconut oil over the cheese, and bake at 175 deg C for about 40 minutes.

Let it cool.

Take a slice, and crumble the cheese over your salad.




1/4 cup Balsamic Vinegar

1 tbsp Syrup or Sweetener

1/4 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 tbsp Mustard

Salt & Pepper


In a bowl, stir all ingredients together,




3  cups of Fresh Greens, cleaned & chopped

1 Mango, sliced & cubed

A bunch of Cilantro

2 tbsp Eden Sunflower Seeds

2 tbsp Eden Dried Blueberries and Dried Cranberries


In a bowl, mix and toss all ingredients together. Add about 4-6 tablespoons of dressing. and toss ingredients. Add crumbled cashew cheese on top of salad. Season with ground pepper.





1/2 cup Sticky Rice

2 1/2 cups Water

1/4 cup Carob Powder

1/4 cup Brown Sugar

1/2 tsp Salt

1/2 tsp Cinnamon

1/2 cup Dairy-free Milk (Almond/Soy/Oat, etc)




Add water to a pot, and boil. Add rice. Cover, and bring to a boil.

Then reduce heat, and cook for 10 minutes.

When rice is cooked, add carob powder, brown sugar, salt, cinnamon, and dairy-free milk. Allow the mixture to cool and settle.


Top with a swirl of warm milk, and serve.

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