2024 Weekly Deskpad Planner Evergreen 3.5" x 12" Ivory

2024 Weekly Deskpad Planner Evergreen 3.5" x 12" Ivory

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Our 2024 Weekly Deskpad Planner - Evergreen is a perfect companion for organizing your week. Its spacious layout provide a clear overview of your week at a glance. This Deskpad Planner comes with high-quality paper for smooth writing.

Evergreen Notes from the Wild is a concept by Mia de Lara that features different species of living beings situated together whatever size or form they may be. This concept aims for each viewer to recognize the power of innate connectedness and to tread a little lighter on this planet with care and kindness.

This 2024 Weekly Deskpad Planner contains:
• 53 Weekly Spread
• Fully-colored handmade illustrations printed at thecover
• Hard Board back cover wrapped with premium book cover
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